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Flyshoot Quality

Flyshoot is a traditional fishing technique originally from Denmark called "snurrevaed" in Danish. This was modernised and further developed in Scotland under the "Flyshoot" name.

In flyshoot fishing, small boats are used with long lines to which the net is attached. These long lines roll over the sea floor and cause a slight turbulence. The turbulence frightens the fish who swim away from the lines towards the net.

Only adult fish are strong enough to swim away from the turbulence and thus land in the net. This fishing technique is therefore very sustainable.

It is also a good method because it causes no damage to the fish's mucous membranes or scales in the process. Everything is still intact after the catch. Flyshooting works only during the day, since the fish cannot see the turbulence at night.

The result is perfect, fresh fish caught during the day from Holland. Most of the fish species caught are sea urchins, gurnards and squid.

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