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Shellfish and Crustaceans

Since the home of Dutch entrepreneur Christian van Belzen is where almost all European mussels are traded, Zeelandia van Belzen is particularly well-suited to provide its customers with shellfish and crustaceans. Our buyers do also import various oyster varieties, Breton lobster, brown crabs, clams, whelks, cockles, and many other exclusive products from France.


Zeelandia van Belzen imports the widest variety of French oysters among its German competitors. We offer Gillardeau oysters from the Marennes Oléron and oysters from David Hervé Le Cabanon de l 'Huitre.

Other oyster varieties in our range include

Speciales la Perle Noire, Poussées en Claires, Speciales Prat ar Coum, Speciales la Perle Blanche, Huitre St. Michel, Les Huitres de Celine Cancale, Speciales Tsarkaya, Fines de Normandie, Huitres Baudit, Flache Austern Belon Plates, Austern Tradition…

Zeelandia van Belzen - Private Label

Private label

Zeelandia van Belzen leads various shellfish and crustaceans, such as for example mussels from Zeeland in different sizes as own brand. Of course in best quality - for this purpose we are with our name!

Lobsters, crabs and prawns

In addition to Breton lobster, we also offer lobster from Canada. In addition to gambas in various sizes, brown crabs, blue crabs, and langoustine (scampi) are other products popular with our customers.

Other mussels and seafood

Zeelandia van Belzen is also well placed to offer mussels and seafood. Below is just a small selection of our other products:

Abalones / Haliotis, Bleu Crab, Breton Lobster, Brown Crab, Canadian Lobster, Carpet Shell, Clam, Cockle, Dog Cockle, Mussels from France Bouchot, Norway Lobster, Razor Clam, Scallop, Sea Urchin, Venis Clams, Whelks, Winckels...

 Shellfish and Crustaceans can be found in our catalogue from page 32 »

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