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In order to meet the most exacting requirements, we have continuously expanded and optimised this part of our business over many years, making Zeelandia van Belzen one of the leading suppliers for exclusive sushi restaurants and shops in north-western Germany. Top quality at fair prices and an assortment specially tailored to sushi shops guarantee the long-term success of our business relationships.

Super Freeze Thuna SAKU BLOCK

  • Fresher than fresh
  • Authentic, natural flesh colour and texture
  • Perfect for raw consumption
  • The best Sashimi quality available!


Immediately after the catch, each tuna is individually filleted, cut, and stored directly on board the vessel at -60°C. After arrival in the harbour, the tuna is cut into saku blocks at -20°C and then kept at a constant -60°C in our cold storage.

Why super frozen saku?

Natural bright red colour, without dyes, without preservatives, or E numbers. Maximum yield for sashimi or nigiri, practically no waste. The high-quality vacuum packaging allows defrosting even in closed packaging. This prevents all types of contamination.


Whole tuna for sashimi

For the best possible quality sashimi, it is best to fillet fresh from the whole tuna. This is the only way to have absolute control over the texture, firmness, and colour of the flesh. That is why we also offer our demanding customers whole tuna. In contrast to our already filleted sashimi loins, you also get toro, the best and most expensive piece of tuna.

Sushi Toppings

   download Flyer Suhi Toppings »

Selection of our Sushi Toppings range:

Ama Ebi, Anago Kabayaki Fillet, Anago Kabayaki Slices, Chuka Idako, Goma Wakame, Hijiki, Ibodai Butter Fish, Ika Sansai, Ikura Salmon Roe, Izumidai Tilapia Fillet Slices, Kani King Crab Meat, Kisu Sillagofillet Slices, Maguro Tuna, Mango-Ika Sepia Slices, Masago Roe from Capelin Fish, Nobashi Ebi, Shime Saba Mackerel Fillet Slices, Soft Shell Crab (Blue Crab), Surimi Sticks, Sushi Ebi, Suzuki Sea Bass Fillet Slices, Tako Octopus Slices, Tobikko Roe of Flying Fish, Unagi Kabayaki Fillet, Unagi Kabayaki Slices, Wakame Ginger, Yari-Ika Squid Slices

 Sushi can be found in our catalogue from page 42 »

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