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Fresh Fish

Zeelandia van Belzen offers an extensive assortment of fresh fish of the very best quality. We buy fresh fish every day at Dutch, Belgian, and Danish auctions and also import fish from all over the world.


We place great value on ensuring that our fish come from areas where fish stocks and marine ecosystems are not endangered. The line-caught fish from Iceland, the Azores, Seychelles, and Tahiti meet this criteria well.

Nothing is impossible...

Contacts with the most prestigious merchants from the largest fishing centres across Europe allow us to fulfil even the most unusual customer orders quickly (usually within one or two working days). Get in touch: we're glad to assist!

Extract range fresh fish:

Alaska Pollack, Anchovy ,Arctic Char, Atlantic Halibut, Atlantic Redfish, Atlantic Redfish Fillet, Axillary Seabream, Barracuda, Black Grouper, Black Scabbardfish, Blue Mouth, Bonito, Brill, Butt (Flounder), Carp, Catfish Fillet, Cod, Cod Fillet, Cod Rye, Common Dab, Conger Eel, Crayfish Meat, Eel, Frenchman Cod, Greenland Halibut Fillet, Grey Gurnard, Gurnard, Haddock, Hake, Horse Mackerel, Interference, Jewels Grouper, John Dory, Lamsoren Seaweed, Large Weever, Lemon Sole, Mackerel, Mako, Monkfish Tail, Mullet, North Sea Crab, Norwegian Salmon Fillet Superior, Norwegian Salmon Superior, Parrotfish, Partygambas, Pike, Pilchard, Pilchard Fillet, Plaice, Pulpo (Octopus), Red Scorpionfish, Red Snappers, Safran Seaweed, Saithe Fillet, Salmon Trout, Scottish Salmon Fillet Superior, Scottish Salmon Superior, Sea Bass, Sea Bass Fillet, Sea Bream Fillet, Sea Bream Rosé, Sea Bream Royal, Sea Trout, Sepia (Cuttlefish), Shrimp Rosé, Skate Wings, Skrei (Winter Cod), Smelt, Sole, Squid, Squid Rings, Swordfish, Swordfish Fillet, Tobias Fish, Trout Tuna Fillet (Shashimi-Loins), Tuna Yellowfin, Turbot, Two-Banded Sea Bream, Victoria perch fillet, Whiting, Zander and much more....

 Fresh fish can be found in our catalogue from page 14 »

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