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Smoked Fish

Zeelandia van Belzen works only with reputable smokers who place equal emphasis on the quality of the raw material and the quality of the end product. We would like to draw particular attention to our Scottish salmon fillets, prepared by a small, family-run company using traditional smoking methods.

Generally, fish is smoked using one of three different methods:

Cold smoking

The cold-smoking method is used when the product is to last for a long period of time and/or if a special, deep smoky flavour is the goal. The product is not cooked during cold smoking. It remains raw. The duration of the smoking process depends on how often smoke is produced during the day (once or several times) and the size of the product being smoked. It can take several days or even several months. A temperature of 15 to 30°C is required for cold smoking. It is achieved with the embers of pressed or moistened dry sawdust.

Warm Smoking

A temperature of 20 to 50°C is required for warm smoking. At this temperature range, in particular from 30°C, the protein-splitting enzymes promote the aroma and the desired delicacy of the smoked product. The product is cooked while it is being smoked. Warm-smoked products do not have as long a shelf life as cold-smoked ones and must therefore be eaten as soon as possible. Not only because of the tenderness that has been achieved, but also because of the juices that have been retained, something that connoisseurs appreciate. The temperature and the smoke are created with hardwood embers, covered with dry sawdust.

Hot Smoking

Hot smoking is used for goods which are to be eaten quickly, such as sausages or fish. By burning mostly beechwood, the smoker is heated to a temperature over 50°C. This temperature ensures that the chemical substances contained in the smoke quickly solidify the surface of the product and protect it against the penetration of harmful organisms. Hot smoking always cooks the product, too.

Selection of our smoked fish range:

Buckling, Cream, Eel, Eel Fillet, Haddock Fillet, Halibut Fillet, Halibut Steaks, Hot smoked Salmon, Mackerel, Mackerel Rollmops, Mackerel Fillet, Mackerel Fillet "Nature", Mackerel Fillet "Pepper", Magnussalmon in wooden Box, Oilfish, Oilfish Braid, Salmon Curls, Salmon Fillet Sliced, Scottish Salmon (Loins), Smoked Fish Pralines, Sprat in wooden Box, Trout Fillet and much more...

 Smoked Fish can be found in our catalogue from page 38 »

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